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Posted on : 06-21-2018 By : liza1

Hello all! My name’s Marshall and I’ve been an intern at Spreadwing Farm for about two months. I’ve decided to start an intern blog so I can share a few of the great things happening on the farm. Time runs both fast and slow when working with Mother Nature, so I am going to make […]

Posted on : 04-27-2018 By : liza1

What’s this?! A new planet? No, these are some of the amendments we have been incorporating into our soil. They include kelp, azomite (a rich volcanic ash), zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, gypsum, limestone, soft rock phosphate, compost, and feather meal. Wow! that’s a lot of amendements! They contain nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and […]

Posted on : 03-24-2018 By : liza1

Fully mineralized soil and the food that is produced by such soil is, sadly, rare these days. At Spreadwing Farm, we are committed to doing everything we can to bring you exactly that – the most flavorful and nutritious food. Plant foods are only as full of minerals as the soil they are grown in. […]