Grass-fed Beef

Are you concerned about how your meat animals are raised and what environmental impact their management has? We are too! We are proud to offer animals that are managed on pasture to sequester carbon using low stress livestock handling.

Have you been disappointed by tough and dry grass finished beef? You have come to the right place! Our beef is always kept “on the gain”, as they say, and fully finished for a flavorful and tender meat eating experience.

Our animals are kept on irrigated pasture and rotated daily for optimum gain and animal health. We offer them free choice salt and mineral buffet including kelp for their optimum nutrition and yours.

We slaughter on site avoiding the stress of transport and the slaughterhouse.

Our beef shares are available as halves, quarters or eighths and are priced based on hanging weight (the weight of the carcass with out the head, lower legs, offal, and hide).

A half costs $6/lb hanging. (which works out to approximately $9/lb cut and wrapped)
A quarter costs $6.75/lb hanging (which works out to approximately $10/lb cut and wrapped)
An eighth costs $7.75/lb hanging (which works out to approximately $11/lb cut and wrapped)

We recommend a separate chest freezer for storage of 1/4 and 1/2 shares. If you only have an upright kitchen freezer/refrigerator, you will want to buy only an eighth at a time.

We welcome you to enjoy the best grass finished beef!

Please contact us to make a deposit on your share.