Pastured Chicken

Pastured Chicken

We are currently taking orders for our spring pastured broiler chickens so start making room in your freezer! We will be raising both the cornish cross and a slower red broiler. All our birds are fed only organic feed, fresh pasture, and are supplemented with kelp and minerals to produce the most nutritious birds possible. [more]

We invite you to come out to the farm on harvest day to pick up your birds fresh from chilling. This allows you the most connection with your farmer and your food. We can’t wait to meet you! Farm fresh pick up is also the most economical option. Both the cornish and the slow red broilers will be available on farm. For those of you who cannot make it out – we will bag and freeze your birds and deliver them to the Sunday Sacramento Farmers Market in April (cornish) and May (red’s).

While brooders are an essential part of growing out day old chicks, it is essential to get those birds out as early as possible to produce nutrient dense birds with the nutrition from the grass. We include chopped grass in the chick feeders when they are in the brooder so that they recognize the taste and nutrition of grass when they get out.

Once they are out on grass we move the birds daily to keep a fresh salad bar in front of them at all times.

We slaughter on site for low stress and a more humane slaughter.

Pricing: (birds will be 3 to 5 lbs)

cornish preorder – on farm: $5/lb
– market pick up: $5.50/lb
cornish market price: $6

Red broiler preorder – on farm: $6/lb
– market pick up: $6.50/lb
Red broiler market price: $7/lb

Red broiler market price:$7

In order to reserve your birds we must receive a deposit of

$10 per bird for the cornish and

$15 per bird for the slow red broilers.

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