Pastured Chicken

Pastured Chicken

We are excited to share with you our pastured broiler chickens so start making room in your freezer! The chicken we raise is a slower red broiler. All our birds are fed only organic feed, fresh pasture, and are supplemented with kelp and minerals to produce the most nutritious birds possible. [more]

While brooders are an essential part of growing out day old chicks, it is essential to get those birds out as early as possible to produce nutrient dense birds with the nutrition from the grass. We include chopped grass in the chick feeders when they are in the brooder so that they recognize the taste and nutrition of grass when they get out.

Once they are out on grass we move the birds daily to keep a fresh salad bar in front of them at all times.  When they are large enough to be safe from hawks, they are free to roam 24/7 in a large area enclosed by an electric fence.  Their shade structures are still moved once or twice daily to ensure that they keep moving to fresh ground.

We’ve been growing our birds to be quite large.  The average packaged weight is around 5 lbs.  The birds are delicious and tender.

We sell them in many packaged options:

-Whole chickens

-Half chickens

-Packs of Bone-in Breast, Thighs, Drumsticks, Legs, Wings

-Parts for broth – Back & Neck, Feet, Heads

-Liver, Hearts

We are at the Sacramento Central Farmers Market on Sundays (starting again in April) and have just joined Wind Dancer Ranch to begin at the Sunday market in Walnut Creek.

If you can’t make it to either of those markets, email us at and we’ll see about another delivery arangement.

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